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Giuseppe Paduano

Giuseppe, Viking soul, has lived in Iceland for many now and he spends his time discovering new corners and wild places, mainly hidden, magnificent and beautiful landscapes where nature is the Majesty. Lover of isolated and open places, he first became guard park for the Icenlandic Ministry of Environment and later graduates as a mid-mountain guide from Thomson River University, specializing in Trekking. Thanks to his love for nature, he will ensure that you won’t miss any beautiful corner Iceland has to offer.

Yuliya Vassilyeva

Yuliya has studied at the Juridical Academy of Moscow. Lawyer & photographer has lived in Italy for many years and she has worked in various photographic projects with some magazines and editorials. She enjoys travelling the world doing photo reportages, her passion is landscape and nature photography and she is always looking for new adventures where she can passionately perform artist shots.

Andrea Santillo

The Ulysses Italian translator has many years of experience as guide in Spain, Italy, Greece and Austria. A lover of nature, culture and Greek mythology, Andrea decides to be nomadic and changes places, where he lives for some years, and enjoys carrying out environmentalist driving activities. His passion implies a full inmersion into Greek culture! He spent more than 10 years of his working journey after having studied languages. He worked for the biggest German, Austrian, Italian and Spanish tour operators and knows exactly how to make everyone feel at ease, and he is also capable of providing a travel experience with every trip.